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MyUCRHelp: You haven't received my test scores, what do I do?


You haven't received my test scores, what do I do?


If you do not see that we have received your official test scores on your MyUCR account and it has been more than 3 weeks since you requested them from the testing center, you will need to contact the appropriate testing center, and request to have your scores sent to UC Riverside.
If you took an Advanced Placement Exam and received a score of 2 or below, this is a non-passing score and your exam will not show as received.
If you took a TOEFL or IELTS exam and received a non-passing score, your exam will not show as received.
ACT - (319) 337-1360   UCR School Code 0456
Advanced Placement - (888) 225-5427  UCR School Code 004839
SAT - (866) 704-0176   UCR School Code 004839
TOEFL - (609) 951-1100 
PLEASE DO NOT request to have your scores rushed.  Please just send electronically. 
ALSO PLEASE NOTE: All scores must be requested from the testing center AFTER you apply to our campus to ensure your scores are matched with your application.
ALSO PLEASE NOTE: That if you elected to use the College Board’s “Score Choice” option for selecting specific exams and institutions to which your tests be sent, you will need to update your elections in Score Choice to release ALL your exam scores to our campus before we will receive them. Please note that there is no advantage in withholding exam scores from our campus, we will only use the highest scores (for the SAT Reasoning and ACT plus Writing, we use the highest sitting) in determining your eligibility for admission to our campus.


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