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What are grade cards?


If your final official transcript(s) is not available until after the final document deadline, we require that you submit grade cards to our office for your current term courses.  Follow these simple steps to submitting your grade cards:
Provide each of your instructors a self addressed, stamped  3 X 5 card.

On the reverse side of card write 1) your name and birth date, 2) the name of the school you are attending, 3) the name and number of the course, and 4) the unit value of the course. 
Ask the instructor to sign and note your final grade as soon as it's available and mail the card to you.

Submit all your completed grade card(s) to our office no later than September 15 for Fall applicants and January 2 for Winter applicants.
Our office will use these grade cards to verify your academic standing, so that we can clear any work-in-progress registration holds from your record. 


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